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    Default My Sixteen Year Old Son Wants to Be Emancipated from His Father

    My question involves emancipation laws for the State of: florida

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    Default Re: My Sixteen Year Old Son Wants to Be Emancipated from His Father

    That's not how it works.

    Emancipation applies to BOTH parents. And the parents must petition the court.

    So is your son currently living outside of the home and fully supporting himself?

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    Default Re: My Sixteen Year Old Son Wants to Be Emancipated from His Father

    From the way you have worded your question I suspect that neither you nor your son understands what it means when a minor is emancipated.

    It does NOT mean that the right of one or both parents are severed but that the other parent (or another relative, or a friend, or a girlfriend/boyfriend) continues to support the minor in full or in part.

    A minor who is emancipated is declared to be a legal adult by the court, with all the rights and responsibilities attending. The minor then becomes responsible for paying all his own expenses and supporting himself in full, without the aid of parents, other relatives, friends, or the state. While he is not prohibited from HAVING a roommate, for example, or from living with a family friend and paying a token, unless he can prove to the satisfaction of the judge that if the roommate kicks him out, or the family friend is transferred to Belgium, or either is hit by a bus, the minor will still have the means of paying ALL of his own expenses and will not become a burden on the state.

    And, as indicated above, in Florida if the minor's parents do not file the petition, he's dead before he starts.

    Under no circumstances can a minor be emancipated from one parent and not the other. Either he's emancipated or he's not.

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