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    Default Attorney Broke Settlement Confidentiality Agreement, I Lost Settlement

    My question involves malpractice by a lawyer in the state of: California

    I was the Plaintiff in a 4 year battle, where we finally settled for a 6 figure number.

    Myself and my attorney signed the settlement agreement, agreeing to not disclose the existence of a settlement.

    My attorney posted on the internet, bragging about settling, naming the Defendant, and the defendant is so far successfully arguing that the settlement agreement was breached, and has stopped all payments.

    We are waiting for arbitration to decide, it's been a long time since I was supposed to receive money.

    If we lose, do I know have to face suing my attorney? If so, do I sue for the settlement amount or for more?

    Do lawyers have malpractice insurance?

    Do I get the Bar involved?

    If we win, do I have an argument for less attorney fees for the hassle?
    Any guidance is appreciated!

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    Default Re: Attorney Broke Settlement Confidentiality Agreement, I Lost Settlement

    I'm wondering if you can play dumb. Pretend you don't know what the stupid bimbo lawyer did. Ask the lawyer why payments have been stopped and see if the lawyers starts lying and telling you another story because he doesn't want to admit his mistake. Let him dig his own grave deeper. Gather a paper trail and make sure you document everything this jerk tells you.

    Then go after him. He has done a big no no and needs reporting to the bar association to begin with. He has betrayed a client and a clients trust. He should be barred. Just shows you that lawyers are not all they pretend to be.

    I can't say he can be sued but I guess you need to consult with another attorney to see if you can sue this attorney.

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