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    Default Obligations Toward Home - On the Mortgage but Not on the Deed

    Maybe some one can help me with the mess I am in. I will do my best to help explain. This is a two part situation question.

    About TWO months ago, I left my husband with my son. Since then I have filled a PFA on him because he was being abusive towards my son & I. But, I have never filled and police report or been to the doctor regarding the abuse. The house I use to live in, my father in law owns but MY NAME IS ALSO ON THR DEED & THE MORTGAGE. The deal was that my father law was going to put the down payment on the house and my husband and I will pay the mortgage & all taxes. We all moved into the house two years ago, and right after we bought the house, my husband and I both lost our jobs, and my Father in law has been paying all the taxes and mortgage from day one and all we have paid is just for electric and water.

    My question is, since I am not going back to the house because I do not want anything to do with my husband or his family.

    What are my my obligations towards the house, since my name is on the mortgage and the deed, what should I do next. Can they make me make pay half of the mortgage, up keeping of the house, taxes, or any necessary home improvements, or come back and ask me for the half mortgage my father has been paying for last two years . I know they will not sell the house or stop making any payments because they have no where else to go. My husbandís name is not on the deed or the mortgage. And, If my husband moves out of the house too, can my father in law come after me for the TAXES & MORTGAGE for the house I used to live.

    Second Situation, My Husband and I own a house in Vegas. We bought 6 years ago, since then the house has lost a lot of value and we are up side down on the house. House is being rented, and the renter is pretty good, pays rent on time. But, only me the wife is on the mortgage, but my husband and I are both on the deed. Can my husband ask me half for the rent that we get every month and then not help me pay the mortgage ? What are his obligations since he is only on the deed. We are not divorce but I have filled for sepration one month ago. Any advise or comment would be great, and if you have any questions please let me know, thank you in advance.

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    Default Re: Obligations Toward Home - On the Mortgage but Not on the Deed

    If you're on the mortgage, the bank can pursue you for the full unpaid balance of any mortgage payment. How you divide rent income and bills with your spouse is something you will want to address in any divorce or separation action.

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