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    Default Minor Accident

    I am involved in a minor accident ...Actually I was at the stop sign and after looking left and right I started slowly and suddenly this other car come and we hit each other in front bumper... Damaged was very minor in his car but I had to change my whole bumper...At that time we tried to settle it ourself.. We didn't call the cop and I agreed to pay him 200 $ and he also agreed on it...I didn't have cash at that time so we just exchanged the insurance information and driver license information..Not after 15 days that other guy is asking 1100$ .

    What should I do now.

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    Damage may seem minor but still be very costly to repair. I had what looked like a very shallow indentation on the back bumper around the light and the estimate was $900.

    You should settle through your insurance company. The danger is you could pay out of pocket and this guy could still file a claim later anyway, if your insurance company settles with him than it's final. Your insurance company will have their own adjuster decide what the estimate should be. It may be $1100 or maybe he is trying to take advantage of you. It depends on the age of the car also, some repairs can actually cost more then the car is worth.

    It's not wise to agree on the spot, you never know what the actual cost may be.

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