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    Default Former House Guest Left Items Behind

    Recently I was allowing a family friend to temporarily stay over/store a few of his things in the vacant side of a duplex I own for 3 weeks because of his personal family issues. The 3 weeks ends and he doesn't want to leave, I tell him sorry but I can't have anyone over there any longer and he really needs to leave. He refuses again, and I tell him I will call the police if he doesn't start to leave by midnight (he has known about the deadline the entire time, it wasn't just something I sprung on him 2 days before I wanted him to leave.) I call his father have a discussion with him, a little later his father calls tells me everything will be okay and he's going to go ahead and move out.

    Long story short later on the guy shows up with a baseball bat, high, claiming I am stealing something from him. But that's another story. The police were called and he spins a story to the police that I just threw him and his things out on the street that night. I tell the officer it's a lie, but I did ask him to leave. The officer keeps telling me I have no legal right to have him leave without an eviction notice, I tell the officer he wasn't renting from me and was not living here but I'm told that makes no difference and if he want's to go back inside right I would be arrested if I refused to let him in. Well the guy ends up leaving anyway, but he left a futon frame and an old broken tv here. It's been awhile since he left and I have tried contacting him to get him to take his things but he has never responded to me. I don't know where he is living right now to send a formal letter either.

    Am I in my legal rights to throw these things away on the assumption they are abandoned property? Or do I have to get the police involved in that matter? It's definitely all worth less that $200 and I can't have his stuff sitting around the house any longer.

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    Default Re: Former House Guest Left Items Behind

    Ohio has extremely few protections for tenants who have abandoned residence. From what I've seen, you can treat the property as abandoned. If you want, give him notice that it will be put on the curb with the trash as of (date) if not picked up before that time.

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