I was late on the payments (from a buy here/pay here) in New Jersey and my truck got repo'd. When it got repo'd, my gas tank was on e. I got my truck back with 1/4 of gas and a blown transmission. The Truck wasn't at the dealership. I had to pick it up from a different location. While i was on my way to the destination, I see my truck and a tow truck in a parking lot near the location i was suppose to pick the truck up at. I went to my truck and the tow truck driver pulled off. No release forms were signed. I called the tow truck driver after i found out my truck wouldn't move and he told me to take it up with the dealership. The Manager at the dealership told me to take it up with the tow company but didnt have a land address, just a P.O. Box. Am I able to sue for damages to my vehicle?