My question involves search and seizure law in the State of: NC

My estranged husband drove a car, which was paid for and registered/titled in both our names. He committed a crime of which I was the victim. He was taken to jail. I was taken to the hospital. He had left the car a couple of blocks from my home and it was towed. I had to pay to get it back from the placel that had it. I had to get the release of the vehicle cleared through the district attorney's office and it had been part of the investigation. Why did I have to pay to get my own car back? Now I also have to pay an indemnity bond to have the vehicle registered in my name alone, etc. None of this is covered in the victim's compensation fund. It was $1700 to get my car back and I think that's insane. I feel like the victim of the crime and the system right now. Any thoughts?