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    Question Expungement of a Class C Misdemeanor, Reduced from a Felony

    My question involves expungements or pardons for the state of: Texas.

    My boyfriend's brother attacked him in their home. My boyfriend grabbed something off his desk and swiped at his brother, leaving his brother with a small cut. Their roomate called the police. They arrested my boyfriend for agg assault with a deadly weapon.

    He was bailed out immediately; the courts picked up his case the week before the time limit.

    He went to all his court appearances, he was told to complete anger management by his lawyer. He did so in the alloted time.

    On his last court date, May 21, 2010, they gave him a fine and although the initial charge was a felony, they reduced the charge to a class c misdemeanor because he has never been arrested prior and completed the anger management.

    He was fined $690 and given 90 days "probation," although he did not have to ever check in with a probation officer. He paid his fine and the issue was resolved.

    The charge does not show as a felony on his background check, but since it was initially a felony (his file starts with F) it is still officially a felony according to the courts.

    QUESTION: Can this be expunged/non disclosed? How long from the last court date until we can try? How much approximately are we looking at paying to do so? Is it suggested to get a lawyer since it was initially a felony? Does the NAOG make a difference in his ability to have it expunged/non disclosed?

    Any help would be much appreciated!

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    Default Re: Expungement of a Class C Misdemeanor, Reduced from a Felony

    As is explained in hundreds of threads in this forum, if he received and successfully completed a deferred sentence he is eligible for an expungement. Did he?

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