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    Default Notice of Additional Federal Extension of Unemployment Benefits

    My question involves unemployment benefits for the state of: California

    i been collecting since February 2010 my count tells me i finished my 60 weeks on April 9 2011
    i received my last check two weeks ago and then i called to certify through the automatic system and certify for week ending April 16 ...i called Edd and they said i was starting tier 3 starting April 17 and was of 13 weeks... but today i received my check for week ending April 16 with no claim forms and another letter...

    Notice of additional second federal extension benefits

    legislation signed by President Obama on November 6, 2009, provides up to one week of additional extended UI benefits for the second federal extension. These additional benefits have automatically been filed for you effective 4/10/2011. The maximum benefit amount available to you for these additional second federal extension benefit is $xxx. You will be mailed a one week claim for which you will need to complete and return to the Edd if you would like to collect these benefits.

    After you receive these benefits your next federal extension will he filed for you, if you qualify, and you will receive notification and additional claim forms.

    in order to receive the additional extended UI benefits you must continue to meet all UI. eligibility requirements.

    this letter says was mailed on April 19 2011
    and i certify for week ending April 16 on April 21 so I'm guessing that's the additional week they are talking about in this letter? the check i receieved today??

    but what i dont get is they had said i was starting tier 3 on April 17 and i was on it already and now i get this letter...

    i know best thing is to call edd but is hard tu get through and my local office is far... if anyone knows about this or has been on a similar case i would appreciate your help.

    thank you..

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    Default Re: Notice of Additional Federal Extension of Unemployment Benefits

    Been there, done that.

    The 2nd extension is now 14 weeks. EDD's computers don't seem to be updated to extend the 2nd extension to 14 weeks, so they send out a claim form for the additional week after your 2nd extension goes to $0. The notification letter comes and the next day or two the claim form comes, usually in time to certify on the required Sunday. Once the check for that additional week is issued, they will process the 3rd extension. If you qualify, then you'll get the notification letter and then claim forms to begin the 3rd extension.

    This is based on my personal experience. Hopefully it will be as smooth for you.

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