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    Default Contact by Reporter About Racial Discrimination

    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: USA in general

    Im in a HR class and i need help with a question. Not looking for an answer just some laws that i can look up and right about that the following situation falls under. I don't need a answer or what the company should do in the following situation, just constitutional amendments, laws, or executive orders that apply

    A manager of an architectural firm receives a call from a newspaper. the reporter wonders how they wish to respond to calls from two of it's employees alleging racial discrimination. about half of the firm's employees (including all of it's partners and most of it's architects) are white. One of the firms clients is the federal government.

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    Default Re: Homework

    We don't do homework.

    It's just as much your homework to find the laws, amendments and executive orders that apply, as it is to write and turn in the paper.

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