My question involves towing laws for the State of: Maryland


In my development, which has a self-owned homeowners association, all of the visitors parking spaces are occupied by other owners with multiple cars on a permanent basis. In some cases the cars are never moved and/or have expired registrations. In other cases, one household has 4 vehicles parked in the spaces in which they go days without moving. The towing company that tows on the property won't tow any of those cars because it is a private property. What can I do and are they in violation of MD law or does it not apply because it is a private?

Also, my car was towed on the property because I doubled parked blocking in my two private parking spaces. I didn't expect I could get towed if I were not blocking other cars that would complain, especially since it is a private property (per the tow co. in the previous issue). Do I have any rights regarding that and/or what is the MD law prohibiting double parking? Is there specific information I should request from the tow company?