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    Default Towed Even Though I Intended to Shop at the Plaza

    My question involves towing laws for the State of: Maryland

    I parked my car in plaza that had signs that said only customers of that plaza could park there. I planned to shop at the store on the plaza where I parked. However, I had to get something quickly from a plaza right across the street, which took only a few minutes. When I came back, my car was towed. Wow, I felt like the tow truck was sitting there, watching for anyone--anyone, to tow. Seriously, are they *that* strict?

    Shouldn't there be a written form or something from the stores on the plaza telling the tow truck to tow my car? It seems like the tow truck driver is towing cars at his own discretion. I stayed there and I saw he kept towing other cars.

    Is there anything I should know--any law--to support my case?

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    Default Re: Towed Even Though I Intended to Shop at the Plaza

    Exactly what did the signs around the parking lot say about towing?

    I suspect you're out of luck, as whatever your future intention may have been you admit that during the entire time you were parked you were shopping elsewhere.

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