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    Default Can I File Multiple RPA's

    Can I file multiple RPA's that claim the benifit of 1 PPA if that PPA includes more than 1 novel component of a larger novel invention?
    Broad question I know sorry

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    Default Re: Can I File Multiple RPA's

    Broad enough that it isn't clear what you're trying to achieve.

    If you are telling us that your larger invention has multiple components, each of which could be subject to patent, as you know there are many items on the market that are comprised of separately patented components. The computer you used to post that comment, for example, is full of patented components and software from a wide array of manufacturers.

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    Default Re: Can I File Multiple RPA's

    Yes, you can, and in fact you may have to submit divisional applications if the examiner decides you have several discrete inventions.

    I have no friggin' idea what Mr. Knowitall is talking about above.

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