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    Default Can A Lawyer Turn You In On A Warrant, Against Your Wishes

    I have a friend with a vop warrant,and he is also wanted in another state.He wants to eventually turn himself in but before he does he wants to put himself in the best possible position to get a lesser sentence before he does.Pay restitution,pay victims,have a lawyer negotiate with the prosecutors etc.He is afraid if he gets a lawyer then the lawyer is obligated to turn him in,or is this not how its done,will the lawyer work with him and not turn him in if the lawyer knows he has warrants out?

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    Default Re: Can a lawyer turn you in for a warrant against your wishes

    The best way I can see for this to happen is if your friend has all the money up front. I'm sure the lawyer is going to want his money. I can understand the lawyer not waiting too long because he can be charged too for helping and not reportting a suspect.

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