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    Default Lost Titles for Deceased Father's Vehicles

    My question involves vehicle registration or title in the state of: California, Indiana

    My father who lived in California passed away in July 2010. He owned three vehicles which were divided between his new wife of 11 days and myself. I brought a camper and a 1992 Geo back to Indiana with me. We are unable to find the titles for these vehicles and are now confused as to what to do. Do we have to contact California to get duplicates and how can we do this if he is deceased? We have had police checks in Indiana to show that the vehicles are not stolen.

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    Default Re: Lost Titles for Deceased Fathers Vehicles from California

    who distributed the vehicles? Did somebody open probate or a small estate administration? Were the vehicles distributed by order of a will?

    ultimately, the person in charge of the estate is going to have to get titles (from California) and sign them over to whomever they were given to.

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    Default Re: Lost Titles for Deceased Fathers Vehicles from California

    Here's the procedure on how to Transfer a vehicle without probate.

    And since the titles were lost, an Application for Duplicate Title REG 227 must be completed in lieu of the "Certificate of Title" mentioned on the page in the first link.

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