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    Default New Charge with an Active ACD

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: NEW son is currently doing 100 hrs of community service,,with an ACD..NO probation ..but just recently a friend encouraged him to go onto property and load junk scrap metal,,which he does occaasionally and gets paid for it..the friend claimed it was ok to go there and take it,,so he thought nothing of it..but it turned out where the boy never should of let them,,it was someone elses property and there is a trespass and petit larceny charge now..What happens to the ACD from other charge,??

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    Default Re: New Charge with an Active Acd

    It's up to the judge on the original charge, but the dismissal previously contemplated may be history.

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    Default Re: New Charge with an Active Acd

    When the court finds out, it is when and not if, they may re-calendar the original charge and move forward with prosecuting it. Will it happen? Crystal ball is cloudy and unreadable.

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