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    Default Opting-into Microcaster Agreement with New Service

    Hello. I'm interested in creating my own Microcasting service. I've read some information regarding the Copyright Royalty Board statutory license and Sound Exchange's Microcaster Rates. My issue is that the aforementioned rates page includes a section about "opting-in" and states that this must be done annually by Jan 31. I can't seem to find any information about opting-in in regards to a completely new Microcasting service started sometime during the remainder of the year. If the service is started anytime after January, is it too late to file a Notice of Election for Microcaster form? Does it still need to be done that year? Hopefully someone can explain how this situation might best be handled. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Opting-into Microcaster Agreement with New Service

    A new service needs comply with both the filing of with the the Copyright Office mentioned and also telling soundcaster which of the services you are (micro or small web). You then have to make that election every subsequent January.

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