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    Default Son Reported Abuse when Eight, Now 17, How to File Charges

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: FL, AL, NY

    My son told me, after he had turned eight, that he had been sexually abused by his former step father when we had lived in Florida. We had left my former spouse for numerous reasons by the time my son was five. We went to the nearest CPS office in NY when he told me. We were told then that they'd notified CPS in Florida but that no one was able to serve my ex as he had long since left the town in which we had lived. I eventually gave up on searching for the pedophile and focused resources on counseling for my son.

    My question is this: now I have discovered that the pedophile lives in the state of Alabama, where do I begin the process to prefer charges against the man?

    My son is still traumatized and attends a special therapeutic school today. I owe my child a proper pursuit and closure to this painful chapter in his life. It was a miserable two years during his most formative time in a very vulnerable young life. I worked many hours then but ought to have known. Although counseling and ongoing therapy has been helpful, he has recently stated that true healing can begin for him once he knows "the monster" has been brought to justice.

    I am not interested in a financial suit for damages, I am only interested in having a pedophile identified and brought to justice; by which I mean incarceration, preferably for a very long time.

    Thank you for your time and shared expertise/opinions.

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    Default Re: Son Reported Abuse when Eight, Now 17, How to File a Lawsuit

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but without proof - ie, medical reports, CPS reports etc., you have little chance at a successful suit.

    I do recommend you speak with a local attorney immediately to discuss your options. And I also STRONGLY suggest you to do NOT refer to your ex as a pedophile at this point. He hasn't been convicted of anything, and the last thing you need is a defamation suit to defend against.

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    Default Re: Son Reported Abuse when Eight, Now 17, How to File Charges

    Contact the prosecutor's office in Florida that was handling the case and trying to locate the accused, and let them know his current address.

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    Default Re: Son Reported Abuse when Eight, Now 17, How to File Charges

    Dear Dogmatique and Mr. Knowitall,

    Thank you for your truly speedy response.

    I will seriously consider your thoughtful advice and I really appreciate the heads-up on creating potential for a defamation of character case, no matter how laughable or frivolous it would prove to be - it is decidedly not what I need.

    Sincerely grateful -

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