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    Angry Sued By Ex-Boyfriend Over Belongings Left Behind

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: New York. In Buffalo, NY to be specific.

    In September, my boyfriend at the time, moved in with me. We broke up in late December. He took some of his things after giving me back my keys that night but not everything. Up until he made a threat on my life with a call saying he had a bomb (which caused me to call the State Police and he was then arrested and sent to a psychiatric ward here in Buffalo), we were on good terms and I spoke to him almost every day, mostly asking when he would be coming to get his things so that we could both move on. He never gave me a time and, obviously after the threatening phone call, I have not heard from him since.

    My mother is the landlord of the apartment where he and I were staying. She has never received any notice from him regarding his property - his claiming it is his or that he wants it back - nor have I, for that matter.

    There is less than $200 worth of stuff left behind. It has been relinquished to me as it has been almost 120 days since he moved out.

    The problem here is that he is now suing ME for his stuff - claiming it is worth an outrageous amount of money on top of it.

    I have been unable to sleep all night because of this... So I have been racking my brain online trying to find some sort of solution to all of this... Am I legally obligated in any way to be liable for his stuff?? How do I handle this in court?!

    All help APPRECIATED!!


    Pictures below of items left behind included.

    Picture 1:
    4 13 gallon garbage bags of clothes, one small radio/CD player, one grocery bag of odds & ends (DVDs, photos, stuffed animals, papers) that was all left behind.

    Picture 2:
    A set of bootleg DVDs that was left behind.

    Picture 3:
    A stolen DVD from RedBox that was left behind.

    Picture 4:
    A set of broken speakers that belong to a co-worker of his that are broken and that were put in my (now) ex-boyfriend's care to fix.

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    Default Re: Buffalo, New York - Help for Items Left Behind

    It's no biggie, so don't lose any sleep over it.

    I got some joker suing me for stuff he left behind for months that he never picked up. I've been to small claims a few times, so it didn't bother me. But this joker insist on a judge instead of a magistrate, so I had to make two trips.

    It's really pretty simple.

    Went to court, the joker tells the judge that he's got stuff with me, and he wants it back. Judge looks at me and I said "I don't understand why he hasn't picked it up". Joker says that some of the stuff is probably broken, and I said "I don't know how he would know that if he claims he could't get to it, so he must have broken it himself". The judge agreed with me, and ordered him to come pick up the stuff, within the week.

    Now, that's not quite the end.

    The joker picked up his stuff and then sues me again for damaging his stuff. Went to court again and he told the judge that, and presented a list to the judge. The judge handed me the list, I looked up at the judge, and told the judge it's junk that's taking up room at my place, I have no idea what it is, I'm afraid to go near it, so I can't really verify his list, and he can consider himself lucky I'm not asking for storage. Well, I also knew I couldn't sue for storage anyway.

    I also told the judge that this is the second time in court about this pile of shit, and the judge sounded pretty ticked off wasting his time on it, which is why I mentioned it. I also told the judge he told the other judge that he knew the stuff was broken even before he picked it up, and the judge wanted to know if that was true. I was glad the judge was ticked off, and the judge wanted to know if he thought his stuff was so important, might get broken, why he left it there so long in the first place. Judge also wanted to know how he came up with the amount, and I volunteered the answer that he's two months behind the rent in his new place, and he needs two months rent. The joker stammered, admitted he is behind on his rent, and couldn't answer any further. Judge says he'll issue a written ruling shortly .

    A few weeks later, the written judgement came in the mail and the judge ruled in my favor. He got nothing. As I said, it's just a few evenings in court (three), and I missed a few TV shows.

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