Hello --

I got a speeding ticket of doing 100 on a 70(infraction - so not reckless). It is a 6 point ticket in Indiana. I just recently moved to IL and plan to get my IL driving license.

I have done some research and extrapolated all the information I could gather. I would like some verification and inputs on the questions. Any help is much appreciated

(1) Michigan is not a part of the interstate compact. Will the ticket show up on my MI records? What happens once I get my IL license? I have not gone to court as yet and hence my ticket (if it does) has not shown up on my MI records. What happens if I get my IL license right away or is it better if I wait?

(2) If the ticket does show up on my MI records -- do different states have different point system? 30 miles over is a 6 point ticket in Indiana, how much would that be in Michigan and how much of that will get transfered to IL.
Also, is it possible that Michigan will consider the ticket reckless (based on the number of miles over), even though it does not say on the ticket?

(3) If I do plan to take the safe driver lessons, which state would I need to take them in?

These are a lot of questions, but any sort of insight is helpful. I tried calling a few attorneys and none of them respond. When I call MI attorneys, they say the ticket was in IN. When I call the IN attorney, they say the license is from MI and hence they cannot help.

Another piece.. today I was driving back from the Chicago airport and get a feeling that I made a U-turn on a no U-turn. There was definitely a camera above. What are the chances I was caught on the camera and if so what are the chances that I get a ticket in mail for something of this kind? Again the car is still MI registered and I was not stopped by a cop.

Thanks once again.