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    Default How to Prove Emotional and Physical Abuse By My Parent

    My question involves child abuse or neglect in the State of: Virginia
    If I am under the age of 18 with an emotionally and physically abusive parent but I only have my testimony, the eye witness account of a friend of mine who is also under the age of 18, the testimony of a family member of my parent belittling me, berating me, overly controlling me, and of other warning signs of emotional abuse as proof, do I have enough evidence to prove abuse to the extent of removing custody from the parent and transferring it to my aunt who is willing to care for me and currently has power of attorney over me while my parent is in a three month long trip to Turkey?

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    Default Re: How to Prove Emotional and Physical Abuse By My Parent

    Emotional abuse, unless it occurs in conjunction with criminal activity, like prostituting out a child, or committing illegal acts in the presence of the child, or forcing the child to participate in criminal activity isn't anywhere near grounds for removal or change of custody. Parents are allowed to belittle, berate, and overly control their children. Unless there is EVIDENCE of neglect (no food, running water, weather appropriate change of clothing, etc.) or of physical abuse, documented by either police or child protective services, you'll be living where your parent tells you. The key with any type of physical abuse is that it be reported to law enforcement IMMEDIATELY. AND that any witnesses to the actual event make a statement stating what they witnessed. If the parent ALLOWS you to live with an aunt, then it's all good. If that permission IS given, the parent can revoke that permission at any time without any reason (just like they can revoke the power of attorney).

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