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    Default Marrying Without a Marriage License and Welfare Benefits

    My question involves marriage law for the State of: Michigan
    Is it fraud if you have a wedding in Michigan without getting a marriage license so that you are not officially married and therefore do not lose welfare benefits? A couple is planning to go through with the celebration, colllect gifts and money from the attendees and family but they do not plan to actually get married and plan to not tell anyone of this. Is this legally fraud for anyone who participates in this? Thanks.
    (this is not me ... I would be one of the attendees to this "fake" wedding).

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    Default Re: Marrying Without a Marriage License

    The issue of whether you go through a ceremonial wedding without actually getting married and the issue of whether you're committing welfare fraud are separate issues.

    If the idea is to lie to the welfare agency (or agencies) about the couple's living arrangements and household income, that can be welfare fraud whether or not there is a ceremonial marriage.

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