My question involves bankruptcy in the state of: Ohio

I have been in a personal injury lawsuit for about two years now. My neighbors dog attacked me and the hospital bills were around $9,000. He just recently filed bankruptcy. There is a hearing soon so that I can make a claim against him. I read up online that the judge will not include my hospital bills in his bankruptcy if I can prove willful or malicious intent. The dog has attacked many other people before, and the owner has done nothing about it. No one has sued him for the attacks except for me. He has barged in to my house, I have had to throw my two year old niece in to a car when the dog got loose again so it would not hurt her. The dog got loose while the owner was home many times, one time being right after the attack, and my wounds busted back open from swinging at the dog to keep him away from my nieces. Then of course here comes the neighbor running over to yell in my face and says "you have to train those kind of dogs a certain way". He has threatened to poison my dog for revenge. I can not afford to pay for a bankruptcy lawyer to help me in this case. I am wondering if I even have a case since he filed bankruptcy and if those claims will work to keep my hospital bills out of his bankruptcy and go on with the trial. Note that his dog attacked me on my own property, has attacked other people, including a twelve year old boy twice. He had promised me that he would get homeowners insurance to cover my hospital bills, but instead filed bankruptcy. I have had to run his dog off my property with a bat several times. He finally got a fence around his yard but he has gotten out of that fence too.

This neighbor has also been involved in many other things, that I dont know if I could use against him. He has hidden a fugitive in his home, he was involved in a hit and run.. the owner of the car he hit followed him home and he ran into his house and wouldnt come out, because he has no license or insurance. This guy is also paying for one of the toughest lawyers around the area, which is A LOT of money. If he has all this money to pay for the lawyer, why cant he pay $30 a month for my hospital bills? His father even agreed that my hospital bills need to be paid and that there was no excuse for that to happen. I have three other witnesses that were standing there when he said it. But now he is fighting against me in court too?

I am wanting to defend myself in this case. I need as much information as possible. I am a truly genuine person and he is just morally wrong to be doing this. And I will keep fighting it until it's over. It is not right that someone like him win this kind of case and get away with things.