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    Default Emancipated at 17 for Emotional Abuse and Physical Threats

    My question involves emancipation laws for the State of: North Carolina.

    I have been trying to avoid this, but it looks like I have no other option, things are getting really detrimental to my mental heath. I've been reading up on emancipation and learning that it is really hard, but I want to see if I qualify. My father is the one dealing the abuse, mostly. Constantly telling me that I am never good enough and everything I do is wrong. He has thrown many things at me, even a knife at one point. He's told me frequently that he wants me out of his house, he never wants to see me again, I disgust him, that he wants to beat the hell out of me, and that I am a total waste of space. He occasionally goes into a fit of rage and slams, breaks, and throws things. (He once stormed into my room, grabbed my laptop [which was a gift from my late grandfather] threw it at me while I was laying in bed because I was sick with what was close to pneumonia, then grabbed the tv dinner tray it was sitting on and threw it at the wall because I did not do the dishes. This woke my mother up, and to no surprise, she said nothing to him.) Most of the time, my mother is either at work, at college, or sleeping. (My mother works nights at a hospital and is taking classes to become an RN.) When I try to confront her about theses things, she says: "You can't change a grown man, Desiree." or, "What do you want me to do about it?" She will never accept that he is doing these things, or confront him about them. She ignores them, regardless of what I try to tell her. She tells me I need to stop being so dramatic and over reacting. The reason why she thinks I am being dramatic is because I can't help but get upset and cry when I try to tell her these things.
    My father also has been violent like this in the past. He was with another woman before my mother, and he was very abusive to her and the child she had before she met my father. When her daughter was 15, he had a fit of rage while her mother was out of the house and threw the girl across the room and broke her wrist. I am not sure what was the cause and what had happened after, because she does not like to talk about it.
    My mother has also contributed a little to the emotional abuse. She has told me I am nothing but a mistake and that she wishes she had aborted me when she had the chance.

    I have been trying to avoid this, but as I have gotten older, it's only gotten worse. I would try to give proof of being able to support myself, but they will not allow me to get a job. I have still been applying to places like Dominos, Lowes Foods, and I will soon be applying to the Dunkin' Doughnuts that is opening. I also have not been able to finish drivers ed/get my licence because of my father, either. My grandfather has recently died, and he has left me his car, so I will have something to drive. Also, my older sister, who is 27, is willing to let me move in with her and take care of me until I am able to get a job, etc.

    I want to know if I should take this to some form of social services or should I go all the way and try to emancipate myself? I am sorry if this is too long, I tried to keep it short.

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    Default Re: Emancipated at 17 for Emotional Abuse and Physical Threats

    Desiree, you should know from reading that you do not qualify for emancipation.

    If you are genuinely being abused, you need to contact child services.

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    Default Re: Emancipated at 17 for Emotional Abuse and Physical Threats

    I agree with Dogmatique. If the adults legally responsible for you are abusing you, you need to get another "person" to be legally responsible for you - i.e., the court. The court may well decide it is in your best interest to live with your sister; this would mean your sister would be responsible to the court until you are legally of age (which may or may not be 18 years old).

    Although abuse is a compelling motive for emancipation, the youth must convince the court that (a) it is in her best interest, and (b) she is legally self-sufficient. Actual self-sufficiency need not be proved; for example, marrying an adult implies self-sufficiency.

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    Default Re: Emancipated at 17 for Emotional Abuse and Physical Threats

    Will your mother give you permission to live with your sister? Because from what you've posted, emancipation is simply not an option.

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