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    Default Mother is Threatening to Call Police About Minor Daughter's Adult Boyfriend

    Hey! Currently my 19 year old friend has a 15 year old girlfriend in Wisconsin. Apparently her mom told her that if she ever sees my friend with her or near her house she will call the police and lie to them to get my friend in as much trouble as possible in order to make it so they can never see each other again.

    My friend and this girl are not having intercourse and the farthest they go is just kissing. If my friend were to get the police called on him, what could he get in trouble for if they're not having sex? Would it be considered kidnapping or would my friend be eligible to get in trouble if the girlfriend told her mom she was hanging out with someone else when in reality she was hanging out with my friend. Or if her mom says she isn't allowed to be in his car, but she goes anyways. It also might be worth noting that they do live in different cities, but I believe hang out in her city, which is Walworth.

    I've already told him dozens and dozens of times that he needs a girlfriend his own age and that he should drop her and stuff so please no one respond with anything like that.

    And I don't know how relevant it is, but the mother did tell her daughter that she needs to break up with my friend. Any help is much appreciated, my friend doesn't have internet to go on forums or search for help and I really don't want to see him end up in prison. Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Mother is Threatening to Call Police About Minor Daughter's Adult Boyfriend

    Your friend needs to stay away.

    I'm not going to look up all the relevant WI codes, but if his actions encourage the child from disobeying her parents, run away from home, etc., then there are crimes he can be charged with (custodial interference, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, etc.). If the police respond because he is outside, they will probably tell junior that he should beat it. Whether they could compel his departure depends on where he might be and what he might be doing.

    She is trouble for him.
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    Default Re: Mother is Threatening to Call Police About Minor Daughter's Adult Boyfriend

    As long as Girlfriend is even one minute under the age of 18, Mom is GOD. If she says her minor child has to break up with your friend, then she does. If your friend persists in his attentions, or even if the minor child contacts him, Mom can get a restraining order. If your friend violates the restraining order, then yes, he can go to jail.

    Mom has 100% of the rights here and the law is entirely on her side. Your friend has none of the rights and the law does not support him. This remains true even if he has never touched the minor child in any way.

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    Default Re: Mother is Threatening to Call Police About Minor Daughter's Adult Boyfriend

    Under Wisconsin law, second degree sexual assault of a child is defined as any sexual contact (yes, kissing is legally sexual contact) with a person who is older than 13 years but less than 16 years. Second degree sexual assault of a child is a Class C Felony subject to imprisonment for up to 40 years, fines up to $100,000, or both and a lifetime registry on the sex offenders list. Plus all the crimes that cdw mentioned.

    Is your friend trying to ruin the rest of his life??

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