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    Default Suspended Driver's License Due to Child Support Arrears

    My question involves child support in the State of: Tennessee

    I have children in the state of tennessee. I am currently paying child support for all of them. My license was suspended quite a while back due to back pay. I was ordered to pay retroactive child support which immediately put me in major debt. My support is being taken out of my check weekly and my income taxes are also taken to go to child support. I have been told that I would have to pay a large lump sum to ALL three child support divisions in each county where my children live. The problem is, with the money I make... after paying child support I am barely making enough to support myself much less pay any kind of lump sum payment. I also have a son that lives with me. How do I go about getting credit for a in house child??? and is there any other way to get my license back without paying more money? Is there any way to get a license for work/emergency purposes only? I am in need of a better job to be able to support myself and my kids but I am unable to do so without my drivers license.
    Is it possible to settle back pay with the agreement of the mothers? or is it entirely up to the courts? Two of the mothers dont have jobs and live with their parents.. is it possible to request receipts to make sure my money is even going to my children?
    I know at least one gets welfare benefits for my son and for her other children... If I am able to settle backpay with the mothers, how would TANF affect this.

    Since I have very limited funds and live out of state.. would i be eligible for a state appointed lawyer of some kind.
    Thank you for any answers or advice.

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    Default Re: Suspended Dl

    Are ALL of the child support orders out of Tennessee? If the answer is "yes", then no - you're not going to get a court-appointed attorney.

    Why are you in arrears? (It may make a difference as to your options).

    If any of the mothers involved receive State benefits, you can't wipe the arrears. Because you owe the State - not Mom/s.
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