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    Default Whether to Dispute an Old Debt

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Nevada

    I've recently run into a catch-22 situation. I am in collections for an apartment I rented 5 yrs ago (6 years statute of limitiations), and I am trying to get an apartment now that is turning me down for it. I want to dispute the debt, however, I'm told that this might make them come after me more aggressively with court summons, etc., however, since the actual apartment I lived in has no record of me owing them any money (since they sold it I assume), I think there might be a decent chance to get it off my credit report.
    I could really use some legal advice on this. Thank you. The apartment was rented in Nevada.

    I should mention that the debts these crooks are trying to collect involve personal animosity and spite, and claims I didn't follow my contract when I very deliberately did.

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    Default Re: Whether to Dispute an Old Debt

    That's not a legal question - it's a coin toss.

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