My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: North Carolina

I was recently served a summons on a $8,000 credit card debt. I answered the summons within 30 days, as required. I definitely owe this money, am not disputing it, and desire to pay it back as quickly as I possibly can.

Lat week, I received a letter from the creditors' attorney, with an enclosed "consent judgment" form, stating that I can avoid appearing in court by agreeing to the judgment ahead of time. I also received a notice that my case is scheduled for a May 5th court date.

My question is if I may take the liberty of attaching a "stipulation" to this consent judgment, offering the terms of a monthly payment plan that I would like to propose.

To get to the point, my main goal is to pay back this debt by making monthly payments (at least $250 at a time), and avoid having my wages garnished or my bank account raided.

I would like to avoid appearing in court if at all possible.

What is my best option? Thank you for any help anyone can offer.