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    Default Company Will Not Disable My Email

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: PA

    I left employment in February. The company I worked for has not disabled my email, and they continue to receive emails to my account, read them, etc.

    I have requested that they disable it, but they refuse.


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    Default Re: Company Will Not Disable My Email

    If it was a company email address, they are not required to shut it down. Many companies would once they have any work-related emails/contacts transferred to a new person but they don't have to. You should not have been receiving personal emails at the work email address so that shouldn't be a concern. If you did, simply contact the individuals and ask them to forward any further correspondence to a new address.

    As to reading your emails, many companies have it in their policies that if you are using a work email address they reserve the right to review any correspondence you receive on it.

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    Default Re: Company Will Not Disable My Email

    Agree. You have no control over and email account that isnt' YOURS. This one was provided as a business tool by your employer, running on company servers or through servers paid for by the company, to enable you to conduct company business, on behalf of the employer. None of that points to the account beings "yours". TREATING or USING it as if it it were private simply doesn't make it so.

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