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    Default How to Settle Debt After a Repo

    My question involves an auto loan or repossession in the State of: Florida

    My car was repossesed in Sept of 2009. Since then, the credit union in which I financed the car has sent me a summons and I have tried to negotiate payments on a reduced balance and they are not budging. One reason for this is I think they know I will not qualify for capter 7 bankruptcy(Ive already looked into it and Im not even close to qualifying and they already have knowledge of my financial situation and i cannot claim head of household). At first their attorneys office made it sound like they would negotiate and now they are standing firm. No movement at all. My only recourse, and Im not sure it even matters, is they sold my car at the auction for below the market value. In fact, my car is worth more today than the amount they sold it for over a year ago. The full balance including interest is over $19,000 and the one lump sum they will accept is over $15,000. Im not sure chapter 13 would help me after attorneys fees. My credit scores are back to respectable (650, 685, 691 on Equifax, Trans, and Experion) and I would like to settle this and pay, but I feel that there should be some room to negotiate. Do I have a route i can take to get this reduced or do I just give in and pay it? I think the thing that upsets me the most is I had been with that CU for years prior and made $500+ payment on time every month without fail. I even traded that car in for another to reduce my payment when times were getting harder. Unfortuantely, I work in an industry that relies heavily on a good economy and found my income decrease by over 50%. I was stuck and the repo was devastating to me. I always had perfect credit and the people suing me are part of the very industy that put myself and millions of Americans in a position they never dreamed of being in. Any relp would be helpful...thanks

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    Default Re: How to Settle Debt After a Repo

    You settle a debt by contacting your creditor and attempting to negotiate a settlement. They do not have to agree to accept less than what you owe.

    It is routine for repossessed vehicles to be sold at a dealers' auction, and to sell for wholesale and not for retail value.

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