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    Default Don't Live There Anymore, Utilities Are in My Name, Ex-Roommates Have Not Paid

    My question involves a roommate in the State of: Georgia
    My situation is a bit complicated. Right now I am studying abroad in Paris (spring semester). Last semester I lived with two others in an apartment, but two of us were going abroad in the spring, so we left behind one other who is on the lease and subleased two others. Utilities were opened in my name when we all lived there and before I left, we had tried to get the utilities account switched to the other girl's name (who is on the e lease). The problem is, she is an international student and thus doesn't have a social security number so the process was a bit more complicated. I told her to complete it upon returning to school for the spring semester, which she never did. Evidently, I allowed utilities to keep going in my name for that apartment otherwise they would have no power, assuming they were paying it month by month. They received the bills each month, as it went through my email and I forwarded it to them each month. I noticed after some time the bill was extremely high for it to be just a monthly bill, and I asked them if they had paid, to which they did not respond so I assumed it was just an abnormally high amount of electricity use. It wasn't until March that I received a call from Georgia Power on my american cell phone in France, being notified that the power will be cut off due to delinquent payment. It has been a month, they still have not paid, I closed the account in my name, I have no idea what they're doing and I've notified Georgia Power of the situation but they tell me if it is not paid they will call claims against me. My question is, am I going to have to be the one to pay the bills? It seems extremely unfair because when I was paying bills it was divided among three people, and paying the whole bill just because it was opened in my name seems even more unfair as I am not even living there now. HELP please!

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    Default Re: Don't Live There Anymore, Utilities Are in My Name, Ex-Roommates Have Not Paid

    The bill is in your name, so it's your bill. You can best protect your credit by paying it and closing the account, and if you choose you may sue your ex-roommates for the money they owe to you in small claims court after you return to the U.S.

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