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    Default Washington State License Tabs

    My question involves vehicle registration or title in the state of: WA
    I recently bought a used vehicle from a reputable dealer in WA State, the tabs and registration are good until Dec. 2011 but I have just noticed that part of the license plate tab decal has fallen of. It still reads DEC 2011 but half of the 2011 is missing, the half that contained the numbers 20. So I have a decal that reads DEC 20 in one color and part which reads 11 in another color. Am I legal?

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    Default Re: Washington State License Tabs

    If your registration form is in order, you are legal. You may get stopped, but if you're polite and respectful, I can't see you getting a ticket.

    That said, I'd call a DOL office in your area and ask them. For a small fee, they will probably send you a new decal.


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