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    Default False Police Report Resulting in Job Loss

    My question involves police conduct in the State of: Michigan

    All of this started over a parenting time order from the state. Party 1 clearly violated the order on two counts, one which results in losing that specific visitation, the other which forfeits all parenting time until the party petitions the court to reinstate parenting time. Party 1 became angry, and called the police saying he needed help removing the child. Multiple police cars (4) arrived with the apparent assumption that Party 2 was denying access to the child, and after nearly two hours, the police determined they could not remove the child and left. Now, Party 2 is being investigated for obstructing a court order (which in my research is a felony). Investigation is still open, and Party 2 has since been offered a job in their field of study, only to be told later that their offer had to be rescinded because of the investigation appearing on a background check.

    Assuming the court comes to the same conclusion Friend of the Court came to (that there was no violation of any form), what kind of recourse does Party 2 have against either the local police or Party 1 for false accusations that resulted in financial loss? What steps should be taken, and what are the odds?

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    Default Re: False Police Report Resulting in Job Loss

    From what you have told us they would have no recourse against the police. Also, as it appears a prosecutor has found probable cause to charge them with a crime (otherwise how would this show up in a background check) I'm skeptical that they would have any recourse against the other parent. Quite obviously this person should be working with a lawyer on their custody and criminal law issues.

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    Default Re: False Police Report Resulting in Job Loss

    No recourse whatsoever.
    Nada. None. Not a chance.

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