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    Default Can There Legally Be a Lien Holder on My Vehicle if I Owe Nothing on the Vehicle

    My question involves an auto loan or repossession in the State of: Texas

    My father purchased a vehicle for me from a dealership, we were both present during the time of purchase, there are no existing loans or money owed on the car, it was purchased in the full amount. All paperwork was done in my name as though I were the purchaser and the title was put in my name as well, he insisted that his name be put on the title as a lein holder, I asked him if this meant I was in debt in any way and he said "no" as did the title paperwork guy that filled everything out with us. There were no written or verbal agreements to pay on the vehicle at any time. Now he is trying to reposses my vehicle out of spite. Can he legally be a lein holder on my vehicle even though there are no agreements to pay on it and what are my rights?

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