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    Default Received Grades I Didn't Deserve

    My question involves education law in the State of: Florida

    Good evening, I am inquiring about grades I received at Florida State University for the semester of Spring 2006. I guess my main question is to whether or not I have a case or a right to have corrected the wrong that has been done to me.

    Quick breakdown of what happened, I enrolled in 2 courses for that semester. I realized I would be unable to finish these course with acceptable marks due to other circumstances. I followed the procedure of withdrawing from the university and was expected to receive WD's for grades. I was however given 2 F's and the withdrawals department says they have no record I turned in my paperwork. I have proof I started the process and have proof I did not go to class thereafter I withdrew, but unfortunately have no proof other than my word, which I will swear under oath that I completed the process turning in necessary paperwork.

    My appeal was denied for the 2 F's to be changed to WD's even though they saw proof I initiated the withdrawal process. I have no other grades on my transcript less than a C and am being penalized by a clerical error by someone at Florida State University. My GPA has dropped from 3.3 to 2.9 due to this whole situation and I feel like I will be penalized the rest of my life, but yet they do not seem to care. As I am applying to engineering positions as well as graduate school, this simple clerical error could cost me forever. I have spoken with numerous parties and no one will help me. My academic Dean at the time is no longer there and the new Dean doesn't wish to help me at all.

    Please let me know if there is anything that I can possibly do.

    Thank you very much,

    Jason Kindelspire

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    Default Re: Received Grades I Didn't Deserve

    Without proof that you completed the process then there isn't much you can do really. A drop in your GPA that small can be made up and won't haunt you for the rest of you life.

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    Default Re: Received Grades I Didn't Deserve

    That's what everyone keeps telling me . I graduate in 16 days and will only graduate with a 2.95 which has already gotten me denied from 3 graduate school. Oh well, thank you for your response.

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    Default Re: Received Grades I Didn't Deserve

    2.95 sucks yea .... but you actually have no proof that you filed to drop those classes. You may have to re-take the courses ... would that erase the grades? See school policy. You may have to do this.

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    Default Re: Received Grades I Didn't Deserve

    The matter clearly exposed here. Good one and thanks

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