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    Default Can Medicare Seize My Property

    I am on Social Security disability. I don't have any source of income except SS and whatever interest I receive from a small IRA savings account. I own my home free and clear, and I have the afore mentioned IRA savings account. I do NOT qualify for mediCAID but I do receive mediCARE benefits. I have recently incurred some large medical expenses due to my disability, and mediCARE has paid out quite a bit of money on my behalf. Here are my questions:

    Can mediCARE seize my house and/or IRA account for reimbursement?

    Will they?

    If so, can they do it while I'm still alive?

    Is there any way I can protect my assets from such seizure?

    I know that mediCAID can and does seize property for reimbursement, but does mediCARE?

    Thanks for any help you can give me,

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    Default Re: Can Medicare Seize My Property

    Medicare will typically assert a lien against certain assets, such as your home, so that it can potentially recover some of the money it has paid for your care after you die. If you acquire sufficient assets that you no longer qualify for Medicare, then you would stop receiving those benefits until your assets are spent down to a qualifying level.

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