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    Default Becoming a Police Officer After a Felony Conviction

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: California. 19 yrs ago I was conivicted of a felony(theft). I've since had it expunged(reduced and dismissed) all I have to do is have my right to carry a fire-arm reinstated. I keep hearing that there is no way to become a Peace Officer. I would like to believe that where there is a will there is a way. I've tried to exaust evey resource I can think of. Before I seek legal counsel on this matter I wanted to ask and see if there is anything that might help. I was a Stupid kid. I'm hoping for some assistance. Thanks to all those who may be able to help and shed some light on this for me. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Becoming a Police Officer After a Felony Conviction

    While you might technically be allowed to become a peace officer if your right to possess a firearm is restored, many departments are unlikely to seriously consider you with that conviction. The nature of your conviction and what you have done since then will be part of the equation, but a felony is a hard thing to overcome. That conviction will become part of your record with the agency and depending on the actual offense, it could become what is known as "Brady" material - that is, it could be released to the defense for most any case you are involved in if you were an officer.

    If you do get those rights restored, be sure to be open abou tit.

    Another question: Was this conviction a JUVENILE finding?
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    Default Re: Becoming a Police Officer After a Felony Conviction

    Thanks for the speedy reply. Also,thanks for not judging me harshly. As for the junvenile thing, I wish, unfortunately I had just turned 18:0(. That's the similar question a buddy of mine who works for SDPD asked me. The sad part is, I even took the test for SDPD along with the PAT and passed. Then as if that wasn't bad enough I receive my written test results from HR and I scored #1 on the test. Then shortly after that I received an additional letter from HR and they combined all previous and past tests from prior applicants and I was still #1 on the list. I even have a cousin who is a Riverside Sheriff. Also, a set of cousins back Home in Hawaii who are cops,one is Police chief,the other a Captain. I was thinking of applying for the Sheriff dept., however, I'm still so sceptical. After SDPD shot me down my buddy who works for them suggested that I try other dept. and tried to keep my moral going. The sins of the past,how they catch up to us no matter how far or fast we run. At this point I would even be willing to go reserves. I just want to give back to my community and try to repay my debt. to my communtiy and the Law Enforcement field. Thanks again. If there is anything else that you come up with that you think might assist it would be greatly appreciated.

    Much Aloha,

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