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    Default Eligibilty for Traffic School

    My question involves a speeding ticket from the State of: California

    My first violation was on 10/04/2009 which was dismissed after doing traffic school. I got another citation today 04/04/2011. Will I be eligible for traffic school or am I 1 day short of the required 18 month.

    I guess my question is how is the 18 month period counted? Am I still within the 18 month period or I can I attend traffic school.


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    Default Re: Eligibilty for Traffic School

    Wow, what a coincidence, exactly 18 months apart, haha!

    I think you're the luckiest speeder in CA... if your first citation on 10/04/2009 is counted as Day 1, then the last day of your 18 month period was on April 3, 2011. But your citation was on April 4, which was the 1st day of your (re)eligibility for traffic school! So I think you're safe.

    Just wait for your courtesy notice to come in the mail; I'm not sure about yours, but my courtesy notice mentioned whether or not I was eligible.

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    Default Re: Eligibilty for Traffic School

    Thanks for the reply. Yeah,what are the chances of getting exactly 18 months apart!! I was a bit relieved when I looked up the date of the last citation. Hoping I can get it dismissed with traffic school.

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