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    Default Shoplifting in Retail Store

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: New York.

    I did something completely stupid. Now that I think of it, I dunno why I did it besides that I was angry at the store. I work there for 5 years. and I've seen people steal before. Anyway, one day I was angry and annoyed and did a return on a gift card. Then did nothing with the gift card until a month later. I've done returns manually for customers all the time because that's how the register works. You just type in the amount and why. Well, for whatever reason they happen to be watching me for that gift card on that particular day. I had no idea they were following each activity with it. I didn't use it just left it in my wallet and tried to make one purchase with it.

    I was angry at the store and it was incredibily stupid of me. I was planning on quitting in a month or so and I didn't think anyone was paying attention. Honestly they wanted an answer why I did it and all I can think of was that I felt underappreciated and I felt they wanted me to leave anyway due to low hours.

    I'm more embarrassed than anything else. My parents love shopping at the store with my discount. They don't know anything. I said I was let go due to the store cutbacks.

    Um, I had to sign this forrm and the guy said he didn't think i was the bad guy and just told me I am fired and just go home and sleep it off. He said he understood me now, said I wasn't the bad guy and said I simply fell down. So to speak. So, he tells me "tomorrow, pick yourself up again." I'm friends with lost prevention actually. But I wasn't friends with him. The other coworker said she still considers me a friend and said she doubt any charges will be put against me. They remotely took the money back from the gift cards. So........ they got the money back already.

    The guy told me to sleep it off. No cops were called. They just told me they think the stress got to me and go home sleep well and tomorrow apply some store that's hirring. Then the person I was friends with said that if xxxx store calls, they can't say why I got fired.

    But I feel very ashamed because I know coworkers will find out why I'm not there. But I'm mostly worried that they will look at my family bad if they shop there.

    My question is, am I off the hook? I'm fired obviously, but they didn't call the cops. No nothing. The store manager said I should just go, I heard that from the loss prevention person.

    But I didn't want to leave on bad terms. I dunno why I did it. I was angry and I see peopel shoplift. I dunno, I didn't take it seriously.

    Am I off the hook? It seemed sooooooo odd. I swear I thought they were going to call the police, but they didn't. They walked me out and wished me good luck in the future and told me "I'm not a bad guy".

    Am I going to get something in the mail? I dunno, I keep expecting something bad to really happen to me. I didn't expect the guy to wish me luck at the end.

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    Default Re: Shoplifting in Retail Store

    You better hope your "friend" answers the phone because perhaps someone else will give an honest answer as to why you were let go. You better hope your store doesn't subscribe to the NRTD as well.

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