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    Default Juvenile Traffic Ticket in Mentor, Ohio

    My question involves a speeding ticket from the State of: Ohio
    I am sixteen. I got my drivers license on 2/16/2011. The speeding ticket was on 3/29/2011. I have one prior accident from 8 months ago, but the actual ticket was thrown out on that. I was in a residential neighborhood stopped at a stop sign on my motorcycle. There was no traffic, or pedestrians. I accelerated quickly, then I saw a car and decelerated quickly. That car ended up being a police officer stopped at a stop sign at the opposite end of the street. I knew it was over, so the officer put his lights on, and I immediately pulled over. I got off the bike took my helmet off, and got my insurance card ready with my drivers license card, and temporary motorcycle license card. He asked me how fast I thought I went, and I honestly said around 45 mph (25 zone). I explained in no way was I trying to maintain a high speed. He told me that he had me at 63 mph. I did not argue with him. He went back to his car, and wrote the ticket which is almost illegible to the point that I can't even read the remarks he put on it, or his name. When he came back the ticket was marked for speed: 63 mph in 25 mph zone. He had unsafe for conditions check marked along with stationary radar and over limits. I asked him to see his radar unit, and he had to recall if he even locked it in, so he took me to the passenger side of his car, and the unit displayed 59 mph. I asked him why he put 63 mph, and he gave the explanation of he heard my engine pitches grow louder than smaller. I did not argue with him, so I took my ticket and left the scene. I know they are going to take my License, but I am not sure what the exact punishment will be, or for how long?

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    Default Re: Juvenile Traffic Ticket in Mentor, Ohio

    Read the materials found here.

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