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    Default Roommate Left After Two Months

    My roommate and I signed our lease in July of 2010 and not even two months later she moved out. She paid rent twice and after that never paid again. We paid $300 dollars a piece each month for rent. (She was also slandering my name across town) I would like to know can I sue her for back rent. She is on the lease with me. Also, she is trying to get on a lease with someone else and ours isn't up for another couple of months. She tried to get off the lease after she moved out and the leasing office told her she couldn't. I would like to add in some additional info two weeks before she moved out we let our friend move in because her and her boyfriend got kicked out of her moms. It was temporary, they had an apartment that they put their deposit down on. They were waiting on the apartment to be finished since the people who lived there just moved out. Also, I let my husband friend stay with us while he visited instead of staying in a hotel. In both situations they helped out around the house. I have been paying the full $600 for 7 months now, and frankly that's a lot for just me to pay. I just would like to know if I could take her to court over this and actually have a shot at winning.

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    Default Re: Roommate Left After Two Months

    Your narrative isn't clear. Are you stating that she moved out because you brought additional residents into the home against her wishes, and that those residents contributed nothing to household expenses, yet you still expected her to pay half of the rent? Did those people remain in residence, with or without paying rent to you, after she moved out? Did they stay in her room after she moved out?

    What efforts did you make to find a replacement roommate, if possible under your lease? Did the presence of your long-term house guests interfere with your trying to find a replacement roommate?

    What state are you in?

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