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    Default Friend Disposed of My Professional Materials and Personal Belongings from Her Storage

    My question involves personal property located in the State of: FLORIDA

    Last year I could not keep up with my storage payments and a friend took over the storage for me and I was paying her for it. Inside were all my things. We just switched my units contracts to her name, to avoid storage disposing off my belongings. Since then I been trying to resolve issue but have not been able to ( I live in NY, storage is in Miami ). Thus I have of course been paying storage fees. February I had a tough time and she had to pay the fee and end of the month she was threatening getting rid of it. I told her Feb.27 that the follwoing week was sending her payment but she thought I was not gonna be able to make either that or March payment and so threw all away. Inside units were most of my documents, tax records, photgraphic equipment, 10 years of my photo archives ( I am a professional photographer and those archives help make part of my livelihood) and personal items totalling a few thousand dollars ( not to mention unvaluable personal items). This is someone that I have given jobs to do that probably totalled over $3000 and because of a $150 late payment threw 10 years of my life away. Not to mention that she lives in same condo building as my best friend in Miami ( 2 floors down ) and literally the building next door to my other best friend there ( both of whom she knows). Though I understand my responsability in her circunstancial inconvenience, her action has a permanent lasting effect in my work and career that will affect my income. There were for sure other possible solutions.

    What can I do?

    Thank you in advance for any assistance!


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    Default Re: Friend Disposed of My Professional Materials/Personal Belongings at Her Storage

    There were for sure other possible solutions.
    ya mean like you paying your liabilities on time and not expecting her to make payments you were responsible for?

    Did she actually throw the stuff out or did she abandon the storage unit when you failed to provide current payment for the unit? What and when, if any, actual notice did she give to you concerning disposing of the property

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