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    Default Rear End Accident with Whiplash and Damage to Newer Vehicle

    My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: Colorado
    I was hit in the rear by an "undertermined" (this from the police report) speed by another party in December 2010. I have been going through physical therapy for the whiplash and numbing in my right hand that I sustained since Jan. I am curious to know approximately how much any pain and suffering would be worth in this situation, but my bigger questions revolve around my vehicle. I bought my RAV4 in April of 2010 and was hit in December. The total damages to my vehicle were just under 13k but they didn't total it. Now my door's don't line up exactly right with the rest of my car they are sticking out a lot but I notice a difference. When I took it back to the auto body the owner had the nerve to tell me that I bought my vehicle like that. There was a flaw in the paint which they have fixed and there were some caps that go into the bumper that they left off. The problem is that now my RAV4 is louder when driving down the road and the other day I was sitting at a stop light and it was really windy and I could loudly hear the wind coming through my car. There is also another flaw that I just found in the rear of my RAV4 where the back door and the bumper meet. I have also obviously lost value in my vehicle if I was to try to trade it in to purchase another one. The only thing that has been suggested to me is to get a letter from a dealership stating how much the vehicle is worth now and how much it would have been without the damage but I am unsure as to how to proceed. I would like to try to do this myself unless I have to retain a lawyer which I am not completely against if it would help me in the end. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!

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    Default Re: Rear End Accident with Whiplash and Damage to Newer Vehicle

    The issue of what your injury may be worth is something you will need to discuss with your lawyer. There are too many unknowns to get a meaningful answer in a forum.

    The repairs of the vehicle were done through your insurance company or the other party's insurance company? Did you sign a release and, if so, exactly what did it say?

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    Default Re: Rear End Accident with Whiplash and Damage to Newer Vehicle

    How did you pick the auto body repair shop that performed the work on your vehicle?

    1. did you pick this repair facility by recommendation from a friend/family/co-worker or from previous work with this auto body shop


    2. did you pick this auto body shop from a recommended list of approved auto body shops from your insurance carrier

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