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    Unhappy When Can You Legally Force a 17-Year-Old Out of the House

    My question involves juvenile law in the State of: TEXAS

    My oldest son is 17. For the last 2-3 years we have dealt with him running away (and officers forcing him to come home), attempting suicide multiple times - causing hospital stays PLUS psych ward stays. We have done family counseling. We have done individual counseling for him. As well as psych medication. In addition - we've also sought religious counsel. We have worked for over 2 years dealing w/ his attitude.

    the biggest problems stem from him having a couple fetishes. One is cross dressing and the other is wearing diapers and all things baby (dressing as a baby, acting like a baby, wanting a "mother", wanting to be a "daddy", etc). We have a few strict rules in this house - and those things were involved as well. No diaper or baby items (or behavior) allowed IN THIS HOUSe (or searched on the internet); and no cross dressing in this house - or stealing clothes that belonged to me and my 11 year old daughter. He has found loop hole after loop hole to justify his behavior despite our stance. He has lied to the police officers about us abusing him - he's posted online to friends (that share the same fetishes) about how we beat him til he's bruised and bloody and how we've kicked him out. (we never have kicked him out and we don't hit or beat our kids - even his online friends didn't believe him b/c it was contradictory to what he's posted before). He told his teachers and school counselor. He and his counselor both reported us to CPS. Which was FINE! We have nothing to hide and he has a pattern of behavior of lying and manipulating situations to get what he wants. We were cleared very quickly once CPS began to investigate.

    he has obsessions - at one time he became seriously obsessed about a girl - and it stayed this way for acouple years. Only recently has he moved on. Her parents would ban them from communicating (I was incontact frequently w/ her mother b/c of my concerns) and he would find ways around it. We became very concerned about him not getting control of this - and growing up to be a stalker!

    the police are concerned b/c his behavior is consistant with what they see of people that move on to become sexual predators.

    Recently (last week) he ran away again. this time he is 17. In TX we can't do anything. I told him I would report him (he knew this) but we are away they couldn't do anything. So was he. And I told him that he would have a home here BUT HE HAS TO FOLLOW THE RULES! (he left when we found a box in his room that had a shirt of my daughters and 4 of my panties) I told him we loved him and would pray for him and wished him the best.

    Almost 4 days later he came home. Not after being harrassed daily by the cops for trying to lseep in the parks or at the high school. He was run off in 1 day - a total of 4 times. (I was in contact w/ the police pretty often while he was gone cuz they kept calling or coming to the house w/ something else) He eventually hitchhiked to a major city and was found by another officer sleeping on a sidewalk in front of McD's. He apparently spent some time w/ my son talking to him and getting to know him. And apparently my son made a decision to come home. I picked him up about 2 in the morning on Saturday.

    Since then - he has been beligerant and rude to everyone. He does his basic chores (sort of) but isn't doing his other committments. (he's failing 3 classes and had agreed to go to tutoring - this was before he left tho - now he refuses to go to tutoring) Another rule we have in this house is we must have their passwords to email and facebook or yspace or anything else. He said on Monday he changed his passwords back to what they were. But then yesterday morning - he rechanged them. And now refuses to give me the passwords.

    We CANNOT allow him to be in our home and be so totally disrespectful. He just laughs or smirks when we tell him to do something. And then says "no".

    My husband went to talk w/ the local police to see if it is legal for us to put him out of the home. He has no where to go (for himself - that he's found. My mom will take him in if he asks but she says he'll learn to hate it there real quick. My dad only put him up for one night while he was gone this last time - and that was bc the police asked him to - b/c my dad doesn't condone what he is doing). But he is damaging our other children. I ahve a 15 yo son adn an 11 yo daughter. I just want some peace back in our home. We cant ignore his behavior - but we can't "force" him to behave either. And he knows that.

    We don't have any money - or I'd send him to military school or boot camp so fast.

    So my question is whether it's legal for us, as his parents, to remove him from our home, when he's 17, not 18. (bday is december so it's still 8-9 mo away) Any advice? Sorry so long!

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    Default Re: When Can You Legally Force a 17-Year-Old Out of the House

    So my question is whether it's legal for us, as his parents, to remove him from our home, when he's 17, not 18.
    Nope. Unless you convince someone else to take guardianship of him, you are still legally and financially responsible for him until he reaches the age of 18.

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