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    Default What To Do if You're the Subject of a Fraud Investigation

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: California

    So, I keep getting these phone calls saying I'm being investigated. The first call I got the guy said he was FBI, so I checked the FBI website to see if my name appeared on there, or course it didn't. Then I got another phone call from someone else says that I'm being investegated for check fraud, but I don't think this true. I've written checks that bounced before but I've always taken care of it. And the lady who called me called from a California number but says in her message to call her back at a Georgia number. I've had the number traced in every instance, both online and from my smartphone. And it always comes up with Telecomm inc. which is a communications company. I e-mailed them and told them about these harrassing phone calls. But what else can I do? Do I need a lawyer to investigate this further? I'm in a pretty good postion now, so I haven't had a bounced check in years.

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    Default Re: I'm Not Sure What to Do

    But what else can I do?
    It sounds like you may have an outstanding bounced check out there somewhere that has been turned over to an unethical collection agency. They wouldn't happen to be calling themselves "Federal Recovery", would they?

    Unless and until they send you something in writing, ignore them. Legit collectors send letters.

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