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    My question involves court procedures for the state of: ny

    We had an attorney who had tried over a periodmof one and half years to remove herself from our case but for some reason she never attempted to serve her clients due her incompetency. We only knew that she had filed papers for an order to show cause because we had been checking with the Court in case the defendants had filed papers that we hadn't been aware of. During this time the defendnants' attorneys had been in direct contact with us even though they were fully aware that the attorney had not yet been removed and was still the attorney of record since they had been at all the motion hearing for this. What I need to know were the attorneys for the defendants obligated to serve all papers on the attorney of record for the plaintiff.

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    If your question is "Can I pretend I wasn't served because the other side didn't serve my lawyer, who had quit and refused to do anything in the case but was too lazy to file a formal motion to be released as counsel of record, and instead served me," no, that won't work. If you are concerned that the other side's lawyer acted unethically by contacting you while you were represented, and without your express or implied consent, you may file a complaint with the state bar.

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