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    Smile Can My Conviction Be Expunged in Tennessee

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Tennessee

    I read this page here, but I'm not understanding it very well (I'm a little bit behind on legal jargon) and I can't quite tell if my case can be expunged after any probation period or not.

    I shoplifted a little over $100 of stuff from a big chain, signed a trespassing type agreement for all of their local stores. It was a first offense, and I realize how stupid and unnecessary was. I'm not stubborn or rude, and cooperated entirely.

    After any probation period (I'm hoping I get a fine of a few hundred dollars, some community service, and shoplifting classes) can I try to get the record expunged?

    Thank you in advance! I will check back here often.

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    Default Re: Can My Conviction Be Expunged in Tennessee

    Only if: you are under 21, it's your first charge and you stay out of trouble, the charge is deferred, you get pardoned or you get diversion from what I read on TN's statutes.

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    Default Re: Can My Conviction Be Expunged in Tennessee

    Well I am under 21: 18 as of now and will probably be 19 when probation is over, depending on the sentencing. I don't see how the case could be deferred or pardoned. I'm fairly sure I will get a diversion- or at least I HOPE I do... I'd hate to go to jail for something so stupid. ):

    I will definitely stay out of trouble, but thank you for clearing it up for me. I feel better knowing I have a chance at getting the charge expunged, eventually.

    Assuming my probation will take 6 months-1 year (I've seen longer, but this is a guess) can I apply for expungement immediately after the probation period, or before then? Thanks!

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