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    Default Children With Survivors Benefits Living with Grandmother


    My sister passed away several years ago. A couple of years later, someone told my mother that she could apply for survivor's benefits for her grandchildren, who were living with her at the time. they have since been receiving monthly benefits.

    3 questions: 1)-the grandkids might be moving back in with their father, who has remarried. He wants nothing to do with the benefits for some reason. If the kids do move back in with their father, will they continue to accrue survivor's benefits even if he does not want to be the representative payee? (In other words, will SS continue to set aside their monthly benefit and will they be able to access their full benefits when they turn 18 if they inform social security and show proof of identity, etc?)

    2)- My mother gets a yearly questionnaire from SS asking her to detail how much she has spent for the child's benefit and how much she has saved. She consistently saves well over 85-90% of the benefit amount. Is that a problem? Is there a spend it or lose it rule?

    3)- If the kids move back in with their father, when my mother gets the questionnaire and she says the kids are no longer living with her, what happens?

    Thanks in advance for taking the time to read and help!

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    Default Re: Children With Survivors Benefits Living with Grandmother

    Grandma should be depositing the savings into special accounts for the children, not commingling the savings with her own funds. Survivor benefits can be saved.

    The representative payee is normally the children's guardian, but that's not always the case.

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