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    Question Public Urination in Maryland

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: maryland
    I just received my order to appear in court for a citation for urinating in public. me and a few friends went out on new years eve to celebrate and to avoid drinking and driving we took a cab. when the bars closed they told everyone to leave. we attempted to call a cab but the cab companies we called said it would be over an hour for cab service. so we started to walk. on the way back to the hotel, I had to urinate so bad it was beginning to become painful and it was either find a place or mess myself. I did my best to be discreet as to not be a public nuissance and slipped into an alley and peed. I am leaving for deployment in less than two months and would like to get this resolved. im afraid of this misdemeanor going on my record because I plan on applying to medical school after I return from afghanistan. any recommendations on if I should contact the court and what I should do during the court date will be appreciated. I have nothing on my criminal record so this is all new to me. thanks

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    Default Re: Public Urination in Maryland

    I suggest talking to the prosecutor, or (better) having a lawyer do so, about resolving the charge before your deployment.

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    Default Re: Public Urination in Maryland

    I'm attempting to contact them today about it. For some reason they seem pretty reluctant to allow me to contact them. Anything I should ask for when I speak with the prosecutor. Ask for anything or just explain the situation? Thanks

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