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    Default Is There Any Way to Get a Class B Misdemeanor "Sealed" or "Set Aside" in Texas

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Texas

    I was convicted of Obstruction of a Highway (instead of the DWI) nearly two years ago. I had never been arrested before nor since. As a result of the conviction, I had a probation period, which included community service, alcohol classes and an interlock device in my car. Now, I am concerned because I may need to change jobs and I know my line of work will not hire someone with a criminal record. I have done some research and the only thing I see promising is the possibility of a having the conviction "set aside." Is this attainable?

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    Default Re: Is There Any Way to Get a Class B Misdemeanor "Sealed" or "Set Aside" in Texas

    As is explained in hundreds of threads in this forum, literally hundreds, after a waiting period, you can get most Class B misdemeanor convictions sealed if you successfully complete a deferred sentence. If you did not get a deferral, you must first obtain a pardon, and afterward you'll be eligible for expungement.

    If you're envisioning some sort of scenario where you go back to court, and convince the judge and prosecutor to set aside the conviction and not retry the case, I suggest consulting a local criminal defense lawyer. That's not a procedure you're going to find in the statutes.

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